Axis is Wellspring's Youth Ministry. The name means "as Christ (Xristos) is, so I..." We want to equip Junior High and High School students to not only help them in their personal faith in Jesus, but also to mentor them to disciple others to follow Jesus. So as Christ is, Axis longs to raise up a new generation to make disciples of Jesus through the Gospel.

Axis serves all families with students between the ages of 11-18. We have both a Junior High and High School ministry. 


Axis Junior high and high School currently meet at Iron Horse Middle School from 12:45p to 4p. At our general meetings, we do the following:

  • Eat lunch together

  • Worship Jesus through song

  • Enjoy fellowship through games, icebreakers, and activities

  • Examine and explore God's Word together

  • Break up into small groups where aXis Mentors and Leaders shepherd youth to live life with Christ at the center

During the main worship hour, 6th-8th graders have their own Sunday class. while High School students join in the main worship service. Many of our youth also serve as teachers and teachers aids to the Gospel Train, our Children’s Ministry.


For more info regarding Axis, please email us at If you or your child wish to be a part of Axis, please register by clicking the button. If you would like to see an Axis Calendar of Events or to subscribe to the Google Calendar, you can click on the button.