This is a challenging season for all of us as we navigate the uncertainties of the times. Due to the closure of IHMS this weekend because of the pandemic, we will be meeting at the Park outside of IHMS. We will be meeting near the Volleyball courts. Please see the map below for exact location.

Please note the following details:

TIME: 10:30 am, this Sunday (March 15)

LOCATION: Central Park, San Ramon (behind IHMS by the volleyball courts)

WEBCAST: We will do all that we can to webcast the worship if you are unable to attend. We will let you know the details on this, should we get this running. Due to the spotty connection and lack of wifi, we cannot promise this will be available. We will keep you posted.


  • Bible

  • Phone (songs lyrics will be digital)

  • Chair, umbrellas (it could rain)

  • Packed lunch and water (if you plan on staying after worship)

  • Appropriate sports gear and attire (if you wish to play sports after),

  • Hand sanitizer


  • If you or your children are ill in any way, we ask that you please consider remaining home with your children, and watch the webcast of our worship (if available). If you plan on staying home, please worship together and remember Jesus on this Lord's Day.


  • Please consider refraining from physical contact (handshakes, etc.) to help contain the spread.

While we will do all that we can to take wise precautions to care for the church, we also recognize that we must walk by faith and not by sight (2 Cor 5:7). We are called to be discerning, but without fear (Phil 4:6-7). Let’s care for those vulnerable and in need (our seniors and those with underlying health issues), while maintaining a full faith and trust in God’s sovereign goodness. 

Please email should you have any questions. 



Behind IRON HORSE MIDDLE SCHOOL (12601 Alcosta Blvd., San Ramon), adjacent to the volleyball courts and large soccer fields.


(510) 519-7099

2274 Camino Ramon

San Ramon, CA 94583

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