• Sam Shin

When Winning a Bible Was Enough

David Livingstone, the missionary to Africa, once memorized all of Psalm 119, and won for himself a cherished prize, the Bible. Memorizing Psalm 119 is no small feat as it hails as the longest chapter of the Bible containing 176 verses and 315 lines. But besides the length of the Psalm, I am struck by this little boy going to great lengths to win a Bible.

There was a day when children viewed winning a Bible far greater than any treasure, better than any prize from a carnival, or a soccer match, or a spelling bee. Today, if a prize doesn't make sounds and connect to the internet or play the latest game, it's not a worthy item to treasure.

But are we adults any different? Do we treasure God's Word at all, or is it a nice "add-on" gift item that we pass along to glare at the new technological gadget or piece of jewelry? Our children mirror not only our words and behavior, but our hearts. If I don't treasure God's Word, how could I ever expect them to do so? But by God's grace, He still intervenes despite us into our lives and our children. That is good news.

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